Legal notices Security policy and data confidentiality

Whenever personal data is collected, Air France endeavours to include a link to these general conditions. We reserve the right to modify the general conditions, so we advise you to consult them regularly.

Securing transactions:

We offer you a secured on-line payment system using the latest technology, including the SSL data transfer protocol. The SSL server software uses algorithms to encode (or "encrypt") the data that you enter (bank account, address, etc) before it is sent over the Internet. Once encoded, the data remains scrambled during transmission on the Web and can only be read by our server using a unique decoding key. The data is encoded using the SSL security keys 3.0 RC4, RSA 128 bits - 512-bit exchange: the version of the SSL protocol that currently offers the highest level of security, so you can be sure of purchasing your ticket in complete confidentiality and safety.

General recommendations:

When you create an account, you choose an identifier and a password, which you will have to enter if you want to change your account data. Your profile and data are protected by a password so that you, and you alone, have access to this personal data. We advise you not to divulge it to anyone. You are entirely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your password and/or any data concerning your profile.

Also, you must not forget to disconnect from your profile and to close the window of your browser at the end of the session, especially if you share a computer with other people. This will avoid other users accessing your personal data.

Protection of privacy and personal data

The Air France database is registered with the NILC (National Information System and Liberties Commission) under the receipt number 661 129 Version 1.

In line with the information systems and liberties law of the 6th January 1978 modified (Article 39-40), you have a right of access, of correction and of retraction of your personal data.

By simple email, at the address, you will be able to ask for the removal of your personal data.

You can download the No. 78-17 of the 6th January 1978 modified relating to information systems, records and liberties in pdf format (66kb)on the website:

Collection of Information

Air Francecollects different types of information through its different online services. Air Franceis concerned with the protection of personal data which you communicate to us. In this framework, we engage ourselves to respect the confidential nature of the transmitted data. You will on a permanent basis keep the complete control over your personal data. By deleting your profile, you will no longer have access to the online services accessible through an identifier and password.

Through the different choices which you make and the relevant user information which we collect, you allow us to know you better and hence better satisfy your expectations.

The information which we ask on our site are as follows :

- your civil status (civility, name, first name, date of birth, postal address, telephone number)

- your address of delivery, if necessary

- your email address (personal or professional) useful to receive a booking confirmation, for any correspondence and subscription to our newsletter, to receive your lost password or your lost identifier.

- Your passport number and your nationality (compulsory information for flights to the United States)

- your favourite shortcuts on the Air France site

- your preferences concerning the mode of retrieval of air tickets bought online (NB: we do not keep in our files, your payment details: type of bank card, number of the card, validity name/first name of the card holder).

During your signing-up with "My AirFrance" we propose you to fill in complementary profile information in order to optimize and enhance the services which we may offer to you.
Hence, in order to better attend to your requirements, we will also collect:

  1. your preferences (favourite destinations, departure airport used most frequently)
  2. the list of your accompanying persons, used to facilitate online booking when those persons are travelling with you.

More generally, we will also collect:

  1. a history of your bookings and purchases, the pages accessed on our website as well as your browser type.
  2. Relating to the email correspondence: the content of your emails, your address and our replies.

Use of data

The data collected may solely be used for promotional or commercial communications or for information purposes by Air France or one of its subsidiaries, via different media. We may use this data to conduct research to improve our services.

In very exceptional circumstances, Air France may have to disclose confidential information when necessary for the identification, questioning or prosecution of any individual likely to cause prejudice or harm, intentionally or not, to:
- Air France's rights or property,
- other users of the Air France site,
- any other person who may be adversely affected by such activities.

Personal data may also be disclosed exceptionally when Air France is legally obliged to do so, e.g. after filing a complaint.

Provisions relating to the flights bound for the United States

To ensure flight safety and for reasons pertaining to national security, the United States adopted a regulation on 25 June 2002 obliging all international airlines operating flights to the United States to give U.S. Customs access to all data concerning their passengers in their reservation systems.
Any breach of the American law will lead to heavy penalties levied on airlines, by the U.S. Authorities.

Air France therefore informs its passengers that, as from 5 March 2003 :

All personal information provided by its customers when booking their flight, will be directly accessible by the U.S. Authorities.

Air France, who is concerned with securing and protecting its customers' personal data within the French and European legal framework, reminds its passengers that a certain amount of data is compulsory for the booking of flights and ticket issuance, and that their right to oppose this measure in accordance Article 26 of the Law no.78-17 of 6 January 1978 relative to information systems and records and liberties, could lead to the cancellation of their trip or at least some of the services requested.
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