Legal Notices Best Price Guaranteed

After having booked a ticket on or websites, if you find by 24h after sale, an equivalent offer at a lower price on another website, Air France will offer you a voucher with the amount of the difference plus €50. This guarantee applies for a difference of at least €10, Air France ticket only and same dates and conditions. See the complete Best Price Guaranteed terms and conditions below.

Guarantee requirements

Within the context, claims qualifying for a refund must fulfil all the requirements in accordance with the processing procedures detailed below. All claims must be sent by midnight (Mauritius or Seychelles time depending of the website) on the very day the Air France ticket is purchased. Air France (and not the passenger submitting the claim) must be able to check the existence of the lower online published price at the time of claim and that the lower price does not exist on or Any other evidence submitted by the passenger will not be accepted (via fax, phone, screenshot). The guarantee is valid only for lower prices found online for the exact same flight, itinerary, and booking class (equivalent fare conditions), purchased on the same day as the original or online purchase. The compared tickets must have been purchased from a French online point of sale [1] and or Moreover, the online lower fare from another website should be booked with the same billing address and have the same currency as the ticket purchased from or The guarantee is only valid if the claim is made by the person mentioned on the ticket. The guarantee only applies for flights exclusively operated by Air France and for tickets with the outbound flight originating in Mauritius or Seychelles.

[1] Point of Sale nationality is determined by IATA number.

Guarantee offer

This guarantee applies only for fare difference of at least €10. There is not limited amount for a request. The fare to be compared includes all taxes and "surcharges" but excludes service fees and taxes relative to credit cards.

A "Voucher Voyage" will be granted to the plaintiff corresponding to the price difference plus €50, for a return ticket, fulfilling the requirements of the guarantee hereby described. In order to book a flight using the "Voucher Voyage", please contact Air France Reservation offices.

The "Voucher Voyage" is valid for one year, from the date of issue for full or partial payment of an Air France ticket. No extension will be granted. It is unnecessary to present the "Voucher Voyage" to issue the ticket but it is important to keep the receipt when the booking is made. For any reason, the "Voucher Voyage" will not be replaced.

The "Vouchers Voyage" bought or sold in an auction will be liable to seizure or cancellation, and the trip will not be authorised. By using the "Voucher Voyage", individuals accept the general terms and conditions and agree to comply with its terms.

Submitting a claim

Information to be communicated to Air France is available on or, “Best Price Guaranteed” pages. To submit your request, answer all the information requested and send an e-mail to the indicated address. Air France web support will contact you via e-mail. Air France keeps the right to deny any claims that cannot be correctly checked or for which you have provided incomplete information. All claims must be sent by midnight (Mauritius or Seychelles Time depending of the website) on the same day the original or ticket is purchased. Claims may not be made through any other Air France support.

Guarantee exceptions

The Best Price Guaranteed only applies to fares available to the general public. Prices not available for the general public include: - Special fares (corporate discount fares, soldiers, Ethnic Students, Typological and other discount codes), - Package fares, fares sold as part of a travel package (and customized flights). - Fares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase and other discount fares. - Corporate fares, meetings and conference fares, wholesaler fares and other discount fares.

Other conditions

Air France reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without notice.


Under no circumstances will Air France be liable for any expenses incurred following the cancellation of a booking, and for all bookings made on a website other than or
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