Group Travel Personalized service

With Air France, groups can take advantage of reduced fares and a bespoke service, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, for sporting or cultural events.

From 10 or more passengers...

Air France offers you specific services to help you organize group travel.

A «group» is made up of at least 10 passengers who travel together on the same flight, either on an outgoing or a return flight.

A dedicated team and services

Air France has a team dealing exclusively with group travel. Its members are used to the specific restrictions and requirements of this type of trip, and offer you :
  • personalized service,
  • a large range of destinations, on both Air France and KLM.
For information : you may combine flights. For example: an outgoing flight on Air France, and a return flight on KLM!

«Group» booking

This occurs in 4 stages :

- Your request: by telephone, fax or email fax. Specify the approximate number of passengers, the destination and the desired trip dates.

Mauritius Island
Tel: (230) 202 67 47
Fax: (230) 212 02 18 ou 208 70 70
Email :

Seychelles Islands
Tel: (248) 29 71 80 ou 29 71 81
Email :

- Our fare estimate: we try to find you the lowest fares, and we send you a detailed price estimate.

- Contract: confirm the flight that you choose and the number of seats to book. We will send you a contract so that these seats can be booked for the period you have chosen.
Please note, in order to confirm your booking, you must send back one signed copy of the contract within the specified time period.

- Tickets: Air France issues your tickets.

Easier organization

Organizing travel for a group isn't always easy! The more passengers there are, the more specific requests are made, and the more likely it is that unforeseen events occur.

To help make your task easier, we offer you great flexibility :

- Convenient timing: final passenger names and balance payments are required only 30 days before your departure!

- Simplified changes: name changes are free as long as tickets have not yet been printed out.

- Specific services: special meals, adjacent seats, group check-in, help services (wheelchairs, for example)… contact us with any requests you may have, at least 30 days before departure.

- Every level of comfort: you can also make "group" bookings in 'Espace Affaires' Business class.

- We take care of your baggage: passenger baggage for those traveling in a group must meet the same requirements as those for individual passengers.

Special baggage

We can help you organize the transportation of specific, oversize equipment (musical instruments, sporting gear, etc.).
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